In my online classes, I teach Art, ELA, Writing, Reading, and Science.

                                                                                                        My Bio

     "I am a progressive professional with experience teaching in the classroom, for ELL students, students with exceptionalities, general education students, homeschooling, and teaching students online. I believe that I can bring value to my learners. I have fourteen years of total teaching experience to help my students achieve more, and feel more confident while they learn. I achieved my TESOL certification in November of 2018 to further enhance my skill set. I am passionate about helping my students develop a love of learning and encouraging them to do their best with my guidance and assistance. I am a patient and caring educator that builds a strong rapport with the students and parents to support a teamwork mentality. I am approachable and willing to work alongside parents to assist my students with making significant educational and confidence-building gains. I strongly believe that we are a triangle. My student is at the top, with me at the corner and the parents at the other corner working together."