Clicking on this button will give you the opportunity to pay for my online teaching service fees. I charge by the hour, so 1 hour = $45.00. There is no shipping associated with your order. Once you place your order reach out to me for scheduling, and I will place you in my calendar. 


                                                                      Kathryn E. Feltner

(I go by Teacher Kathryn)

Online Classes

*To enroll in my classes, I charge $45.00 per hour.

*I can accommodate 1-2 hour classes at a time.

*My schedule is flexible. 

*The price for a subscription for online classes is 2 classes a week Monday - Thursday,

        for $90.00 per week.

*I may be reached at my email or my cell phone for more information.

*Please see this information on my contact page.

*I do not offer refunds, as I plan my lessons with your child individually, and accordingly, thus 

        requiring my time and resources.